B U M P - Naomi + Rob

A session where the glow from the sun brought down the most beautiful rays, the ocean rolled in gentle waves and where a photograph really does tell a 1000 words.


Scott & Hailey

A fairy tale day out the back of Tweed Heads, Northern NSW.

The rain drizzled over and brought out the most stunning light at golden hour.

Emm x

Halo & Horns

Halo & Horns launches - NOMAD

‘Young Nomads...empowering and spirited colour pallete that reflects our Australian Summer tones from Earth meets Sea. Vivid Rust, muted blue greens and golden hues .. all in our signatures bamboo and made for "Young Nomads" to explore, play and embrace long summer days.’ - Halo & Horns.

These pieces are buttery soft and just feel amazing on.

Emm x

Arnhem Oak

A handsome little rainbow baby for Jake & Cait.

The colour pallet and beautiful aesthetic in their home make me want to shoot their everyday.


Welcome to the world Alex

Hello, hello.

Look at this gorgeous newborn session.

Little Alex was born prem, spent some time in Special care. I came to their beautiful abode once they were all settled in.


An engagement party you didn't want to miss

The engagement party not to be missed! Styled, chilled and just amazing!!!

The Venue: The stunning place is focused around sustainability! It focuses on earth, supporting small, while all being eco friendly!!! It ticks all my boxes!! Check it out - https://thegreenmarquee.com

The Music: McDermott & North - https://www.instagram.com/mcdermott.north/

Games: https://www.facebook.com/funinthesunhire/

Tipi: https://www.instagram.com/goldcoast_tipis/

Picnic Furniture: https://www.instagram.com/klaras_house/


Halo & Horns

Content creator!!! I love it!!

Working with the amazing Halo & Horns has been one of the best journey’s in my photography career. The clothing itself is just amazing, they ‘not only have beautiful Eco friendly clothing but a selection of carefully curated complimentary adults, babies and kids items’. It is a one stop shop!!

If your brand fits my aesthetic, send us an email!! I would love to work with you.


Much Love

Emm x

Welcome to the world Frederick

Fresh 48 hour sessions capture the most beautiful moments.

Welcome to the world Frederick, you are divine.

All wraps, outfits and plaques are available for use, washed after each session, in sensitive washing liquid.

My Lily-Ann S/S19

Working with Sam from My Lilly-Ann was amazing. Surrounded by little people, we got them to play, laugh and enjoy the morning.

Head over to https://www.mylilyann.com.au/products/fields-of-honey-t-shirt to shop the latest Spring / Summer 19 collection


Ezra's Picnic Soiree

And just like that our sweet like man turned four!!

A small gathering with his nearest and dearest.

I asked my neighbours work colleague if he would have any honeycomb!! He brought over the entire lid off a bee hive box!! It smelt & tasted amazing - thank you.

For those that don’t know Ezra is gluten & dairy free - the whole party was safe for him & the tasting board had all his favourites on it, including quince paste - he has expensive taste like is Mumma.


The piñata was from: https://www.discountpartywarehouse.com.au/product/party-busy-bee-hanging-pinata

The beautiful hand painted bee shirt: https://www.mylilyann.com.au/products/fields-of-honey-t-shirt

The linen suspenders: @Yoliandotis

Honeycomb wall: @Kmart

Mud kitchen & table: The husband

Everything else i already had.


Family Day Out

I feel like yesterdays adventures was the perfect timing for some family time. 

A much needed break & time away from my phone - i took my camera though, because let's face it, obsessed! And I capture everyone else's special moments, so I have to do the same for us!!

The EKKA!!! Matt took me here on our first date!! Ever since, we have gone back every couple years! It is even more fun now, with kids! 



Cailtlin - A rainbow babe

Caitlin won a beautiful Mother's Day comp back in May. 

Due very soon with her rainbow babe, we booked in a maternity session for a beautiful spot near her home in the Northern Rivers. 

I receive a message! 'I have good news & bad news'!! The good news, her and bub were ok, the bad, she has been admitted into hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy. 

SO! I packed my bags & came to Caitlin!! 

From the moment we started messaging each other, it was an instant connection. Little did we know, we actually went to daycare together and had no idea!! 

It is such a small world!! I am so blessed to be able to capture these moments 


'Any man can be a father, but it takes a special one to be a dad' - Anne Geddes  

Sounds a little cliche, but how true! 

The dad's always seem to miss out on the photos!! They don't want to be in them! 

You don't have to pose, look directly at the camera and smile! I want you to enjoy those moments with your kids, playing, exploring, adventures!! 

Now is the perfect time to book in for your Fatherhood mini session! 


Home is where the heart is...

While I have been in Brisbane for 8 years or so, I still call Lismore home. No longer in the home we grew up in, but where ever my family (mum, dad, sister, & the other important people that hold a special place in our heart) that is HOME!!

I am blessed to be able too travel between Lismore & Brisbane and have developed a strong base for my business in both areas. Having support with family & friends also is super important when working between both locations. 

I have a passion for the boys to grow up with some of the things I had!! Living in Brisbane that isn't always possible!! We have tried having chickens, it wasn't overly successful with them shredding the neighbours gardens, thinking inside was their second home, so we re homed them. The best thing i can give the boys is adventures!! Showing them that is so much in this beautiful world to see. Children see the world differently to us, simplicity is best!! 

MUM!! Where would i be without you. You are my calm, We may never see eye to eye, but you are always there for the boys & I!! Even when Ezra makes you roll down wet grassy hills, throw leaves around with him & letting him explore! That is living, living the best life, outdoors!! Don't get me wrong iPads and technology have their place and are great!! 

I will let the photographs do the talking from our weekend away!! 

Hat: Will + Bear 

Overalls: Tree of life

Boys outfits: Halo & Horns + Zara + Studio baby bird


The shades of blue

The behind the scenes of selecting tones for my shoots. 

I love having matching tones, but not completely matching (unless I feel like we should totally all have the same shirt on ;-), what mum hasn't done this?!?). 

Adding layers, textures, tones all makes for the prefect photograph, but also looks stunning when you print for the wall. 

When shopping, I aim for pieces that are timeless, perfect for laying for different seasons and lets not forget comfort. 

The session below, I went with shades of blue / grey. 

Wraps: A little life & Pop Ya Tot

Jeans - Cotton On 

Dress - Zara 


DIY Day Spa

Milk Bath Monday - the best way to start the week. 

Th boys have a bath or shower every evening, but having a relaxing soak in the bath is good for the soul. Every Monday is our DIY spa day. 

The most common question I am asked, is that real milk?!?! No, no it is not. It is not powered or real milk, it is a beautiful product I buy made from avocado. It smells divine & leaves the skin so beautiful & soft. 

I want the boys to grow up and look after themselves, I feel that this starts from a young age. 

While, I don't give Ez a massage, I do moisturise his arms and legs with a QV cream, especially during Winter. Bowie, I give him a baby massage with some essential oils every evening. It is something I have done since I brought him home from special care. 

To top off Milk bath Monday, I also add some flowers or greenery, who says boys can't have flowers too! I usually ask Ez to pick out his favourite bunch from the florist (within reason ahah).  After all, I hope one day they will buy their partners flowers!! 

The flower bath insert is from - Blooming bath, you can find Australian stockists, some also have AfterPay - This is not sponsored. 


Those first moments

Second babe, first time experiencing special care nursery. Completely overwhelmed, lost & scared. 

It has only taken me almost 4 months to go over and edit a few of Bowie's first couple weeks in special care. It seems like a life time ago, some of it a bit of a blur, but most of all I feel beyond grateful that I have a beautiful & happy little man at home with us now. 

The best Valentine's gift anyone could ever ask for!! February 14th, 7am - Bowie Rain was welcomed earthside. 

Documenting each day in special care was my way of coping. Some days nothing changed, others we were able to bath & watch those scales slowly increase!! 

Looking back at these photographs and seeing him today, you would never know he was 5 weeks early and only 2kg!! 

Tears stream down my face as I try put all the emotions into words. 

So I will let the photographs do the talking.