K I N G Ezra

Remember you are the centre of your child's solar system. You are the sun, bringing in the warmth + light. His entire world revolves around you. Your sense of peace + calm is the point upon which everything pivots. It is the axis of his world. 

One tripod + one cape + one crown and a whole lotta fun!! We played, hugged & laughed in a field!! 

The sense of achievement I feel after taking my own photographs is very satisfying! These sets sometimes take some time to put together and often involves a spotlight trip or even some online shopping!! However, this time, we just searched through the dress up box to find an outfit!! 

My outfit: Zara

Ezra's - Cape - It was just a piece of material. Crown: Le Petit Renard Rouge - www.lepetitrenardrouge.bigcartel.com 

Emm x