A beautiful blessing...

Evelyn came into the studio for her maternity session, bubbly, gorgeous & glowing. As I do, I always chat, sometimes too much!! Evelyn's journey to motherhood hasn't been easy, I felt like I was going to cry while hearing all about it actually. With permission from Evelyn, here is their journey. 

"After nearly 3 years of praying and heartache, 9 rounds of IVF, 3 lost pregnancies, 3 D&Cs, countless surgeries, ultrasounds, blood tests and needles, God blessed us with a natural miracle after an Adele concert in Melbourne.

I want people to know this miracle DID NOT happen because we had stopped worrying about it, we HAD NOT stopped thinking about it, we HAD NOT stopped stressing about it. March was one of the most stressful months for me. 

There may be women who read this that have gone through infertility already or God forbid you may go through it in the future and you will understand how I have felt for almost 3 years. I was one of those women who's heart broke every time a Facebook friend made a pregnancy announcement, I was one of those women who had to unfollow some of her friends on Facebook because it hurt too much to see beautiful baby photos and videos even though I was happy for them. 
My message is that it is perfectly ok to deal with your grief and emotions in any way you see fit, it is perfectly fine to pursue your baby hopes and dreams in any way you want whether it be IVF, surrogacy or adoption; do not let other peoples uneducated opinions, comments or gossip stop you. 

I was once asked "what will you do or how will you feel if you can't have children?"

My immediate response was "that's not possible, I will have a child, whether its from my own body or someone else's, I will never stop trying".

We had already started pursuing surrogacy when our natural miracle happened unexpectedly and we are incredibly grateful for all the people we have met along our journey to parenthood.

So to all women out there never stop trying and consider all your options. Miracles can and do happen everyday." - Evelyn

You may ask, why I decided to share this beautiful blessing? This is real, it happens, more often than people realise. 

Much Love 

Emm x