Mama Village

Our very first 'Mama Village' interview. Together Halo & Horns and myself have  joined forces to show case all things Motherhood. 

First up, we interviewed Kirstie & her beautiful girls. We hung out with them in their beautiful relaxed home, where the girls were able to be just themselves.

Motherhood by Kirstie Lucas -

Motherhood is unequivocal love, I want the absolute best for my children, to give them everything I didn’t have and more. I want to raise my girls to be the best versions of themselves, to grow up to be independent women and to love themselves. For a long time I believed that motherhood was sefless, we give up our bodies, our jobs, our sleep and we always put our children’s needs before our own. However, after being at home with my girls for the last 3.5 years I have come to realise that motherhood isn’t just putting the needs of others before yours, it is finding the balance between selflessness and selfishness because our needs are important too, perhaps even the most important. My girls don’t care if the house is a mess, or if the washing pile is almost touching the roof but they do notice when I am in a bad mood, or my patience is thin, and my three year old will tell me often tell me to stop being grumpy! This is why in the last few months I have been making more of an effort to find time to myself, and focus on doing things that makes me happy as an individual outside of being a mother. 

              Photography has been a huge passion of mine since my first daughter Isla was born, it has been a creative outlet which has helped keep me sane during the long days at home, and the nights where my hubby (Matt) is working away and late last year I decided to take a huge leap and turn my love for photography into a business. At the moment I am still learning to juggle everything, Matt has a quite a demanding job, and although we are lucky he can work from home he often works late nights, as well working interstate and overseas at times. We also have limited support, as most of our family live interstate so when Matt is away it’s basically just me at home with my girls, and the days can be very long, and sometimes despite never actually being alone, it can feel very lonely. However, starting my business satisfies my need for a creative outlet, as well giving me a goal to focus on which I think I was previously lacking. As much as I love my girls, it has been a breath of fresh air to spend a little time away from them, and when I am on a photoshoot I feel a sense of freedom and always leave on such a high ready to get back to my family and squish them to pieces with love. I’m not quite sure if I found the perfect balance yet, I still have my grumpy days, I am after all only human! But since changing my mindset I have definitely gained back a bit of individuality that was lost and in turn become a better mother for it.  

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Much Love

Emm x