I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for ice-cream

The perfect date!! 

Two little men and their gorgeous Mumma on an ice-cream date! So messy, but oh so fun!! 

It was such a beautiful afternoon capturing the Young family. 

This Summer we have just launched these beautiful sessions. For more information head over to the 'Contact' tab. 


The Christmas excitement has begun!!

I LOVEEEEEEE Christmas!! It is no secret in our family!! The food, company and presents!! 

SO this year I decided to Blog a couple of our family Christmas events! With four families we see over the Christmas period, it means lots of sweets & Christmas cheer!! 

I have been extremely busy over the last few weeks and I still am finishing off sessions, while also being on call for a beautiful Mumma to welcome her little one earthside. 

We kept the evening very low key & it actually ended up being quite affordable. 

Most things I already had!! 

The drink canister: Kmart - Pimm's mocktail 

Glasses: IKEA (recent purchase)

All food except the the little bread sticks and cheese block (tasting plate) was gluten & dairy free, so my little man could enjoy all the treats as well. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 

Emm x


K I N G Ezra

Remember you are the centre of your child's solar system. You are the sun, bringing in the warmth + light. His entire world revolves around you. Your sense of peace + calm is the point upon which everything pivots. It is the axis of his world. 

One tripod + one cape + one crown and a whole lotta fun!! We played, hugged & laughed in a field!! 

The sense of achievement I feel after taking my own photographs is very satisfying! These sets sometimes take some time to put together and often involves a spotlight trip or even some online shopping!! However, this time, we just searched through the dress up box to find an outfit!! 

My outfit: Zara

Ezra's - Cape - It was just a piece of material. Crown: Le Petit Renard Rouge - www.lepetitrenardrouge.bigcartel.com 

Emm x


Willow + parents

A laid back afternoon at the beach! 

Incorporating half Christmas & half family was the perfect happy medium for this session. 

We started off the with the beautiful drift wood Christmas sleigh and finished up in the ocean!! My favourite part of the session is where you see the waves crashing into you which adds this beautiful texture to the photograph. 

The beautiful romper Willow is wearing is from M&L design boutique and handmade tieback is from Gumnutandbloom_photoprops - www.gumnutandbloom.com 

Much Love 



F I L M + P H O T O G R A P H Y 

Combining my passion for creating endless memories. I have now introduced film packages. 

Little baby Joey had a full newborn & film package. He had the most beautiful dark hair and the most handsome features. 

Film link: https://vimeo.com/244767990

To book your ultimate newborn memory box head over to the 'CONTACT' tab. 

Emm x

The perfect gift

G I F T  V O U C H E R S 

The new gift vouchers have arrived!! Give your loved ones the perfect gift. 


FEAT. in Stylish kids Australia

Almost a year a ago I was asked to photograph 'Stylish kids Australia' first event. An event created by the beautiful Roberta Fairbanks to support, showcase & empower women & their small businesses. The event was beautiful, a room filled with so many talented & inspiring women. 

Here is the link to download your free copy: https://www.stylishkidsaustralia.com/pages/stylish-christmas-2017

If you love Australian & handmade this magazine is for you!!


A beautiful blessing...

Evelyn came into the studio for her maternity session, bubbly, gorgeous & glowing. As I do, I always chat, sometimes too much!! Evelyn's journey to motherhood hasn't been easy, I felt like I was going to cry while hearing all about it actually. With permission from Evelyn, here is their journey. 

"After nearly 3 years of praying and heartache, 9 rounds of IVF, 3 lost pregnancies, 3 D&Cs, countless surgeries, ultrasounds, blood tests and needles, God blessed us with a natural miracle after an Adele concert in Melbourne.

I want people to know this miracle DID NOT happen because we had stopped worrying about it, we HAD NOT stopped thinking about it, we HAD NOT stopped stressing about it. March was one of the most stressful months for me. 

There may be women who read this that have gone through infertility already or God forbid you may go through it in the future and you will understand how I have felt for almost 3 years. I was one of those women who's heart broke every time a Facebook friend made a pregnancy announcement, I was one of those women who had to unfollow some of her friends on Facebook because it hurt too much to see beautiful baby photos and videos even though I was happy for them. 
My message is that it is perfectly ok to deal with your grief and emotions in any way you see fit, it is perfectly fine to pursue your baby hopes and dreams in any way you want whether it be IVF, surrogacy or adoption; do not let other peoples uneducated opinions, comments or gossip stop you. 

I was once asked "what will you do or how will you feel if you can't have children?"

My immediate response was "that's not possible, I will have a child, whether its from my own body or someone else's, I will never stop trying".

We had already started pursuing surrogacy when our natural miracle happened unexpectedly and we are incredibly grateful for all the people we have met along our journey to parenthood.

So to all women out there never stop trying and consider all your options. Miracles can and do happen everyday." - Evelyn

You may ask, why I decided to share this beautiful blessing? This is real, it happens, more often than people realise. 

Much Love 

Emm x


Can you believe that Christmas is two months away!! I feel like this year has just flown by!!

These two beautiful souls, Summer & Layla had such a lovely morning in the studio.

We still have a few Christmas studio sessions left for 2017, head over to the 'CONTACT' to book your session.

White linen romper: M L designs Boutique

Tiebacks: Gumnut &bloom photo props 


Love Emm x


GG + Ezra

Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another - Richard Garnett 

- Half day, lifestyle film, documentary film, family sessions.

Pressing pause and being able to re live this moment of Ezra's great nan & himself is an invaluable & priceless moment. Finding the smallest things in life and being greatful is such a precious thing to hold onto. Ezra's great grandpa passed away over 20 years ago, but this film of Great Nan & him, he will have forever.  The reason behind my focus to capture these moments is not for just for me, but for him to cherish in years to come.

Emm x



'You are pregnant & you are powerful. You are bold & you are beautiful. Go forward in your boldness, in your beauty & in your connectedness. Trust your body to birth & know that the collective power of women worldwide will be with you'. - Anonymous 

Nicole & Jake  are expecting their first bundle of joy any day now. It was a beautiful relaxed session. The photographs are simply and I will let them do the story telling. 

- Emm x

Christmas Mini Sessions

I am so excited to announce these Christmas Mini sessions! A beautiful way to capture your family during the holiday season. 

Check out how beautiful the in studio and beach sessions are. There is only a limited number of sessions available of each. 

To book your session head over to the 'Contact' tab. 

Much Love

Emm x 

You are THREE

Strong, loud and determined. You let everyone know your presence and you never seem to be able to sit still!! Your imagination is amazing. One minute you are a roaring, stomping dinosaur and the next you are a pirate looking for treasure (most likely the coins in daddy's pockets, sometimes you even find NOTES!!!). 

Taking a step back over your birthday month, gave me the light I needed to see. The energy I needed to regain and most of all regroup. 

I am always trying to find that perfect balance. Capturing these precious memories of our family is just what I needed to see. Reminds me to be grounded, in the moment and cherish all the small things. 

Over the last few weeks, I have been creating, organising and working on some beautiful fresh ideas. I look forward to being able to capture the love and precious moments in your family. 

Much Love

Emm x

The Porter Family

A beautiful morning capturing special moments. Not all sessions have to be held out on location. I was able to capture the beautiful Porter family (unfortunately Dad was working away). 

They laughed, played, baked and even enjoyed a bath!! How amazing is the bathtub!! 

As mum, you are your little ones teacher, friend, carer,  and most importantly one & only. I was able to capture all these moments. It was truly incredible.

To book your family lifestyle session head over to the CONTACT tab. 

Much Love 

Emm x

Support - Achieve - Succeed

#June 14 - The newborn mentoring workshop

I love supporting photographers! Whether they have been photographing for years or have just started out. I love seeing them achieve their goals and then succeeding!! 

Last Wednesday, I was able to mentor a fellow photog. We had two beautiful babies in the studio which allowed me to show different wrapping techniques, posing and using light to create a beautiful piece of Art. 

If you would like to book a mentoring session please contact hello@emmjade.com 


'But there is a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face.  Sometimes the story stories are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all your stories is always your mother's story, because hers is where yours begin; - Mitch Albom 


Motherhood is tough, scary and one of the hardest crafts around. For myself seeing photographs of my little man and myself make all those tough moments and days disappear, because i see that smile on his face, the hug he needed. My heart grows bigger for him everyday. Cherish the small moments & exist in photographs. 




Baby Deaken

Baby Deaken was welcomed earthside with so much love. A beautiful little Aries boy stole parents, Stacey & Tyrone. I was incredibly lucky to photograph Baby Deaken's fresh 48 hour session and newborn session.