Those first moments

Second babe, first time experiencing special care nursery. Completely overwhelmed, lost & scared. 

It has only taken me almost 4 months to go over and edit a few of Bowie's first couple weeks in special care. It seems like a life time ago, some of it a bit of a blur, but most of all I feel beyond grateful that I have a beautiful & happy little man at home with us now. 

The best Valentine's gift anyone could ever ask for!! February 14th, 7am - Bowie Rain was welcomed earthside. 

Documenting each day in special care was my way of coping. Some days nothing changed, others we were able to bath & watch those scales slowly increase!! 

Looking back at these photographs and seeing him today, you would never know he was 5 weeks early and only 2kg!! 

Tears stream down my face as I try put all the emotions into words. 

So I will let the photographs do the talking.