DIY Day Spa

Milk Bath Monday - the best way to start the week. 

Th boys have a bath or shower every evening, but having a relaxing soak in the bath is good for the soul. Every Monday is our DIY spa day. 

The most common question I am asked, is that real milk?!?! No, no it is not. It is not powered or real milk, it is a beautiful product I buy made from avocado. It smells divine & leaves the skin so beautiful & soft. 

I want the boys to grow up and look after themselves, I feel that this starts from a young age. 

While, I don't give Ez a massage, I do moisturise his arms and legs with a QV cream, especially during Winter. Bowie, I give him a baby massage with some essential oils every evening. It is something I have done since I brought him home from special care. 

To top off Milk bath Monday, I also add some flowers or greenery, who says boys can't have flowers too! I usually ask Ez to pick out his favourite bunch from the florist (within reason ahah).  After all, I hope one day they will buy their partners flowers!! 

The flower bath insert is from - Blooming bath, you can find Australian stockists, some also have AfterPay - This is not sponsored.