MAMA Village - Halo and Horns

Interview with the gorgeous tribe that support and little babes model for Halo and Horns the Company. These guys are an absolute delight, and seriously could Raph and Mex be any cuter!!

  1. Life on the Gold Coast: what’s your favourite spot?

    Bradz and I have been together since high school, we are from a small beach town down the coast near Newcastle and we always said when we were older we wanted to move to the Gold Coast! We love it here so much, the warm weather and the fact there is so much to do, especially with kids. One of our favourite places to go as a family is a little restaurant in West Burleigh called JFK pizza! We literally get there at 5 and are home by 6 but the food and wine is amazing along with the atomosphere.

  2. Tips as a mama of two?

    My only tip would be to embrace it! You will have days that are hard and other days that are hard and days where you will have it all together. You can only do the best you can! Oh and coffee!! All the coffee!!!

  3. Favourite place to go out for a date with Hubby?

    We recently went on a little lunch date together Burleigh Pavillion last Tuesday!! Hardly ever happens as our family still live where we grew up! Is was so good. $20 lunch including a Champaign or beer! Doesn’t get much better than that. We will be going back for sure. The view is amazing and during the week it isn’t crowed.

  4. How to balance work and little ones?

    Bradz and I just try and work as a team when it comes top the babies and work! He works in Brisbane and I just recently started back so we just work together to make it happen. It’s really nice being back in the game and makes coming home to the babies all that more exciting. He has Sunday’s with them now while I’m at work and it’s really nice seeing be the best dad he can be! He’s a keeper.

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